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Austin trauma therapist




Regarding Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy, trauma treatment expert, Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, relates that “IFS has changed the way therapy is practiced…” 





If you still believe, "it was my fault," let me unequivocally say, "No, it wasn't." You were never, ever responsible for what happened to you, no matter what the circumstances.


Are you still believing that you will never get over the past, can't heal, are destined to spend a life stuck and incapable of loving yourself or having healthy relationships?  Let me assure you that there is a path out of your trauma.  


May I ask that you trust?  Trust that whatever damage has been done, whatever challenges you face, you are not alone. Trust that the seemingly unbearable circumstances that bring you into the treatment room are the catalyst of profound transformation. Take courage. Take heart. Your path to healing is about to begin.  


I have found that collaborating with my clients through a screen, of all things, has been profoundly effective. I am happy to offer FaceTime, Skype or yes, the phone, whichever one makes you feel most at ease.


Laura Bafford Leslie, LCSW, PhD pending

Certified IFS therapist



Please know that I will work with your schedule and provide you with a safe, caring and supportive space as you relinquish the past to become the person that you are meant to be.  Please email me, and I will respond within 2-3 days:




"It is profound the change, I went searching, read a thousand books and I found you and you really changed my life."  


"I'm deeply grateful for the work Laura does with Internal Family Systems.  Learning to interact with my parts was so beneficial on so many has truly changed my life."

"Laura, you've been the first therapist in ten plus years of recovery work that has really seen all of me."


"Laura Leslie is beyond incredible.  Her compassion, intelligence and care have totally changed my life."


"Laura Leslie is an amazing therapist with a genuine heart & knowledge; giving proper tools & processes needed in truly recovering.  I don't think it could have been better.  This was no doubt the best experience of transformation I have ever been privy to.  Thank you!"


"This is the best therapy I've had so far."

"For the first time in my life I actually feel helped by a therapist.  Laura is amazing with trauma!"

"Laura was transformative for me! Her trauma group and therapy sessions have changed my life."


"Laura has been the key to my progress.  Her knowledge, compassion, and responsiveness have been PHENOMENAL!  Thank you ! Thank you!"


"I want to thank Laura Leslie for being everything I could hope for in a therapist."

"Laura helped me so much.  Words cannot express my gratitude."

"Since last session, I have been really kind of calm and I don’t feel any fear… It is insane, I never felt anything like it. I don’t know what happened, but I came out of that session and there is no fear of failure."


":) I can't tell you how much I've used tapping and mindfulness therapy to help transform my life. It's been a world of difference- and I've been transitioning medically for almost a year now!  Thank you for helping me live honestly and more positively."


"Laura, although we have not been here together near long enough, I struggle to find words to say that truly describe how thankful I am for you, and for this group.  I went from feeling so alone, to actually feeling like there was hope in something.  Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays are my favorite days of the week, simply because I know I get to come to group.  My time here has given my life a lot of meaning in a very short period of time.  Way more meaning than I ever imagined."


"Laura Leslie is the most amazing therapist out of dozens that I have gone to in the past.  She is always bringing something new to group and cares very much about her group and helping in the best way possible. She changed my life."


"Laura is the best/most helpful therapist I have ever seen.  She was AMAZINGLY understanding and such a kind and genuine woman."


"Laura- she is incredibly knowledgeable and amazing as a group leader.  Trauma group was so helpful, I would recommend it to anyone."


“Hi, Laura!  When I say that I have had the best year of my life, I truly mean just that.  My life has been changed…I am living proof that there will be storms and looking back over this past year, I was able to handle those storms in a healthy way and even through the storms, I had the best year of my life.  I realized now and know, I am still that very person who left on the last day through to now.  I still have so much gratitude and joy for the Trauma Program’s help to me.  It’s one thing to find a healed heart, in ultimately dealing with emotions associated with one particular or many traumas, it is another to practice daily and use the tools given for a beautiful life ahead.  It may seem hard in the beginning, but it does get easier and soon becomes part of a natural everyday mindset.  I hope this email finds you smiling and gives you just one more reassurance that the work you do, and who you are, makes such a wonderful difference in this world and in the lives of many.”


"Laura is the best therapist I have ever encountered.  Very professional, very insightful.  I would send people to come to the group therapy with Laura."


"Laura was truly inspiring and her knowledge and compassion were so helpful.  I couldn't have asked for a better counselor to lead group.  Her articles, talks and advice were truly genuine."


"A very intelligent woman with a heart of gold and gut of steel.  She has enough patience and understanding to keep control of a room full of emotions.  She should be recognized for the continuous success of mental health education and assistance."


"It was very nice to work with Laura.  She is personable, concerned and shows every effort.  The time allowed to process and learn other coping mechanisms was truly rewarding.  The opportunity to cleanse my thoughts one night was most dramatic and a changing moment in my life:  one night I was ready to walk out of group and Laura was pleasantly persistent in keeping me here.  It was the BREAKING POINT in my recovery.  Laura was honest, personable and amazingly supportive in helping me overcome some skeletons in my closet.  I'm at my best!"


"I had no idea what I was coming into but was quickly won over to using the lessons taught to help myself. Laura's style of counseling is very effective and different from what I've been used to.  I think Laura Leslie is awesome and would recommend her to anyone."


"Laura, you were exactly the person I needed to meet at this moment in my life.  I was ready to change, but I didn't know how or into what.  You are a teacher and a listener and a compassionate presence.  You fill this room with warmth and wisdom.  I'll be forever grateful to you for showing me how to find my own new path of meaning and purpose.  Thank you for all the care, love, patience and kindness you bring to group every session."


"Laura is a great listener and respects our opinions/emotions without judging."


"I wanted to give you some quick feedback from my first group session with you.  To be honest, I came to it a little skeptical having been through one other IOP and a DBT group for eight months, but I really did get 'more' out of your group.  It seemed to me more actionable instead of theoretical and that is what I need. Additionally, focusing on relationships and all that goes with that is one of my key issues so it was a bit prophetic that healthy relationshps is where we started.  Thank you again for letting me into group and I look forward to working with you."


"Laura Leslie has helped me out in so many ways.  I wish we could clone her!  I thoroughly enjoyed the group therapy program.  Laura was very sensitive to my needs."


"I am just putting it out there that Laura is an amazing therapist who obviously cares very much about each and every person in the group and what is most important and best for them.  She is an extremely caring & insightful individual."


"I appreciated the genuine concern and attentiveness that Laura conveyed during every session.  After attending group, I would hear her voice in my head reminding me of the work we've been doing, which made it much easier for me to choose how to relate to my negative thoughts rather than let them bring me down.  I think Laura has a great communication style.  I am excited about the influence and the impact that she's had on me which has encouraged me to continue on my journey of finding my peace and purpose.  I'm very thankful and will remember this experience as a great story I can tell as the healing continues."


"Laura is the best and I love her."


"Laura Leslie- education and support were more than I could have hoped for and has truly made a difference in my life and recovery.  Words cannot express how grateful I am."


"Laura really helped me when I was resistant to change, knowing that I would benefit from it.  Laura also encouraged me to speak up about the things that troubled me so I could get help and support from the group and herself.  She put up with my bad moments when I just wanted to take a back seat to my recovery.  Laura is a truly kind and inspirational person.  She really cares about the participants in group and takes the time with each of us."


"Laura was a great inspiration.  She helped me to overcome my fears and taught me to embrace the moment and go forward with hope."


"Laura knows how to treat each patient according to her/his needs.  The videos really helped me and the meditation skills were great."


"I really related to Laura Leslie.  I adore her. Alternative yet not too alternative suggestions.  The fact that she talks about diet, exercise, mindfulness (be that yoga or meditation) is HUGE."


"Laura Leslie was awesome."


"Laura was extraordinary.  Very receptive, very articulate and incredibly helpful.  Most important, her information given was relevant and incredibly smart!"


"Laura listened to me very well and was a great, understanding person.  She helped me process even when I didn't want to.  I feel more positive than I did before.  This experience has helped me greatly."


"Laura did a great job engaging me and many others throughout the groups.  I liked how the topics and information tied together throughout the sessions.  Everything seemed applicable at some level.  Laura's style was supportive and open but at the same time, called us out for things we were denying, ignoring or generally not acknowledging."


"Couldn't have had a better experience.  It was amazing!"


"Laura is a wonderful therapist and has helped me benefit from the entire experience from the beginning, hesitant to be involved in group therapy, to now, where I feel much better in body & mind than when I first came in."


"Laura deserves huge thanks!  I have really enjoyed my time in Laura's therapy group sessions.  She has helped me tremendously.  Awesome therapist!"


"I would like to thank Laura for all the care she has shown to myself and others.  All the materials she covers and teaches apply to every member of group despite different 'backgrounds.'  Everything was great!!! Everyone should do these sessions because they are so insightful.  Should be offered to businesses, without a need for 'crisis mode' requirements."


"Laura is awesome.  I couldn't be more thankful for her help."


"Ms. Leslie's skills are impeccable."


"I loved every day I came.  I learned I actually wanted to get better and I retained great information.  Laura is amazing.  She helped me overcome my problems and deal with them.  I am grateful to have had the honor of being in her program."


"Laura is very knowledgeable, personable.  Doesn't push for answers or talking."


"Laura Leslie is awesome.  Very well educated and informed-- great teacher!"


"Laura was great and real nice.  I couldn't have asked for a better person to run this group."


"A special thank you to Laura for always going above and beyond to help all of us in our personal struggles!"


"I really enjoyed the time I spent here.  Laura was such an inspiration, always patient and fun while educating us.  A very unique therapist that I feel blessed to have met and learned from."


"Laura Leslie does an amazing job coordinating this program."


"Laura was awesome.  Loved her."


"Ms. Leslie has helped me tremendously by educating me with tools that I can use to cope with my depression.  I feel enlightened and now want to share my experience to help others who may be suffering."


"Laura Leslie was very helpful and insightful, loving & caring."


"It was great!  I thought my time here was very productive.  I learned a lot of tools that I can take into my everyday life and continue to make progress."


"Laura Leslie is amazing!!"


"Laura is amazing and dedicated to our success."


"This program made me feel very at ease and I learned so much about myself and healthy ways to be/feel better.  Laura was amazing!"


"Laura Leslie-- excellent therapist!"


"Laura Leslie is an amazing person, very knowledgeable and helpful.  Loved the yoga!!"


"Laura is amazing and brilliant."





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